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Jay Kordich PowerGrind Juicer

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  • Revolutionary new hybrid technology
  • Four international patents
  • Delivers more juice and nutrients than other juicers
  • Makes both soy and almond milk
  • Super quiet induction motor
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer
  • Heavy duty surgical quality stainless steel blade.
  • Patented double feed chute
  • Sleek compact design
  • Extra large detachable pulp basket
What's different about HomeGardenPets.com?
  • Knowledgeable Selection: We meet our suppliers face to face at trade shows. We know the the products we sell because we USE them. We are more than a catalog company with a bazillion products all sourced by a spreadsheet. It means we stand behind products we know and love, and we will actually respond to your questions with thoughtfulness, accuracy, and intelligence.
  • Personal Service: Whether shipping from our warehouse, or one of our partner warehouses, we will give you door to door service to avoid inconvenience. We know dropshipping (shipping from a different warehouse than one you own and operate) can lead to frustration for consumers, but we manage the process transparently. We even evaluate our fulfillment partners publicly with our Brand Guide. And, should there be a problem, we are your advocate - and we don't take no for an answer from anyone. If our partner lets you down, we step in instead of passing excuses along.
  • Real Satisfaction: It's easy to promise, but we deliver because we don't hide behind our policies. A policy should give a uniform experience, but should never be an excuse to leave someone saying "But that just isn\'t right". We know that exceptional circumstances occur, and when they do, we make sure that our staff is empowered to creatively solve problems - not recite policies to inflame emotions. When buying from us, know that you won't be left thinking about what we should have done.
  • Truly Green: While we use 100% wind-power electricity for our office and warehouse, we also have an eye towards Green practices and products throughout our business. We search for products and companies that include green materials, manufacturing processes, or even distribution processes. We use dropshipping to minimize the touch-points between the factory and your home. And, we recycle materials and re-sell used products to minimize our landfill footprint as well. We do our best for the greater good.
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